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  • 16 Nov 2014, Artikel
  • White Gloves and Party Manners
  • I just got back from hearing Clio Montrey perform my song cycle White Gloves and Party Manners (based on Marjabelle Young's children's etiquette book of that name). Katherine Yeager premiered this piece in Colorado earlier this year. I thoroughly enjoyed both performances, but I was astounded at how different they were. Katie sang it as if the singer were the book's author, giving advice to the audience. When the lyrics offered instructions for doing a curtsy, she executed one flawlessly. Clio sang ...
  • 28 Mrz 2014, Artikel
  • Our Commute
  • It's rare when the inspiration for a piece of music is so clear and focused that the music virtually writes itself. But I did have that experience working on a recent project. The project began with a Facebook post from a friend who teaches at Rutgers: "Anyone know of a piece of music arranged for soprano, alto, tenor, piano, and lever harp?" I, of course, responded, "Always happy to write one." When she took me up on my offer, I had to decide what to write. How was I going to utilize three voices in ...